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Don’t Settle For Less

Your Confidentiality is Our Business

We are often asked to reveal our clients and our methods. As you might surmise, due to the nature of our work, we will not. We are observant of the needs of our clients, private in all matters, substantive in our methods & techniques and calculated in the way we achieve results.

 how we help

At the Intersection of Crisis Management and Security

Whether you are an executive of a corporation or running your own business empire, you have a public profile, which puts you at risk. Sometimes outside forces, such as a cyber criminal, stalker, or a disgruntled former employee threaten your way of life or business.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a company data disaster, or personal problem which you’d like protect along with your privacy.

What’s at risk for you? Not only your profit and personal privacy, but also your peace of mind.

We can help. If you’ve experienced:

  • Social Media Scandals, Stalking & Harassment
  • Reputation & Brand Damage
  • Your business and privacy invaded (and possibly your family’s)


How Can We Protect You Today?

We help business owners and executives protect their privacy and profit using substantive and simple security solutions, so that they never have to stress/struggle with data disasters, social media scandals & stalkers, or a ruined reputation.

digital security

Customized security training for individuals and teams.


Social Media, Open Source and Family/Domestic Investigations.

privacy consulting

Stalking, harassment or overall privacy concerns.


We offer online training courses and e-books to help secure your life and business.

From Our Founders

The Human Side of Security

As Security Specialists and Investigators, we help protect your privacy, profit & peace of mind. Cyber thieves, scammers and stalkers might not look like Darth Vader, but the damage they can do to your life, business and brand reputation can be costly and irreparable if left untreated.

Our goal is to help you simplify security, to save you buckets of money in security clean up costs and to prepare and protect you when the worst happens.

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