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Privacy, Safety & OSINT Highlights for week of 16-20 Oct 2023

Harassment & Stalking Headlines

Man Arrested After Stalking Woman Through Social Media and Final Fantasy 14 [GameRant]

A man in Tokyo, Japan was arrested for stalking and harassing a woman through multiple outlets, including following her character around in Final Fantasy 14.

Stalking: New orders aim to better protect victims [BBC]

Stalking Protections Orders (SPOs) are said to be an important development in helping to better protect victims or anyone connected with them.

The orders can ban an offender from contacting someone on social media and stop them from being within a certain distance of a their home or workplace.

Stalker harassed woman for four years via replica tattoo, threatening letters and unwanted gifts [Riotact]

A man who relentlessly stalked a woman over about four years, even getting several tattoos relating to her on his body, has had his sentencing delayed for him to get a mental health report.

Privacy Headlines

Congress scrambles to craft AI privacy rules as industry races ahead [The Hill]

A House panel will kick off a series of hearings about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) technology Wednesday as the expanding industry leaves lawmakers scrambling to considering regulations.

Selfie-scraper, Clearview AI, wins appeal against UK privacy sanction [TechCrunch]

Controversial US facial recognition company, Clearview AI, has won an appeal against a privacy sanction issued by the U.K. last year.

Key findings about Americans and data privacy [Pew Research Center]

Many Americans have endless digital tools at their fingertips. And each device, site or app collects, analyzes and uses personal data. What does this mean for Americans now that so much of their day-to-day life leaves a digital footprint?

OSINT Headlines

‘Verified’ OSINT Accounts are Destroying the Israel-Palestine Information Ecosystem [404 Media]

Verified Twitter ‘OSINT’ accounts are destroying the Israel-Palestine information ecosystem. What used to be a network of reliable experts has been taken over by profit and click driven verified accounts. Everyone loses out.

Who’s Responsible for the Gaza Hospital Explosion? Here’s Why it’s Hard to Know What’s Real [Wired]

“There’s just been this massive sort of pressure to get videos out there, get your take, get your analysis, and it’s like a perfect storm for chaos,” Kolina Koltai, a senior researcher at open source intelligence (OSINT) news outlet Bellingcat, tells WIRED.