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Privacy Fundamentals

Who is this for? This class is designed for you, the non-techie, also for advocates, privacy enthusiasts, & families concerned about their digital footprint.

Online harassment and stalking

If you are being harassed, threatened or stalked, there is help and hope. No one has the right to make you feel unsafe. Please take any threat very seriously and report it. Schedule a consultation.


Social media scandals, scammers, and damaging data & reviews, can lead to severe reputation damage and clean-up costs. We offer a done-for-you data removal service on a retainer basis for executives & small business.

Copyright infringement & dmca takedown

Did someone steal your online course, ebook, or lift your entire website? What if someone stole your sensitive photos (nudes) and is spreading them across the internet? We can help.

digital security training

Does your family, small business or non-profit need customized 1:1 security training? We do in-person and virtual training for a variety of organizations from small biz to advocacy groups.

investigations & surveillance

We offer a variety of investigative services, including social media & online investigations, background & due diligence checks and family & domestic investigations.


Your Confidentiality is Our Business

risk profile

We observe intently. Ask questions, define, gather analyze and provide a profile and report on you and your company.

Privacy Roadmap

No matter the challenge, we build a customized and substantive security plan and roadmap to keep you safe.

Execute & Monitor

Your privacy and profit remains our primary focus, even after we’ve delivered your customized solution.


How Can We Help?

We provide exclusive and highly customized solutions for our clients. We do not take every case or client, however we endeavor to provide resources if we are not the right fit for your unique situation.


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