Privacy Tech

DV, Anti-Harassment & Stalking Resources

  • SafeHorizon – Harassment & Stalking & DV victim resources, including a hotline.
  • SPARC – Resources and guidance for victims of stalking and victim service providers.
  • Digital Evidence Guide – A resource to help victims of DV understand how to collect evidence. Please contact an attorney and work with local law enforcement to ensure correct collection practices.
  • Hunchly – Online investigation tool for OSINT, Law Enforcement & DV victims. Download the app to help you track screenshots, websites, and evidence.

Non-Consensual Pornography (NCP) aka Revenge Porn

  • Cyber Civil Rights Initiative – Protecting victims of online abuse, includes roster of attorneys, online image removal guide & state laws (NCP, revenge porn)

Non-Profit Research

  • Charity Navigator – Understand where your dollars are going when you donate to a non-profit.