Privacy Tech

DV, Anti-Harassment, Assault & Stalking Resources

  • Digital Evidence Guide – A resource to help victims of DV understand how to collect evidence. Please contact an attorney and work with local law enforcement to ensure correct collection practices.
  • Fight Cybercrime – Provides free resources, guides, logs and helpful links to show you ways to protect yourself and stay safe if you have a cyberstalker.
  • Hunchly – Online investigation tool for OSINT, Law Enforcement & DV victims. Download the app to help you track screenshots, websites, and evidence.
  • Victims Voice App – Giving a legal voice to victims. An app designed to help victims of abuse.
  • National Crime Victim Law Institute – A victim’s resource database which lists organizations by location and has links to services & organizations in your area of interest or need.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center – Provides resources, training, and has a database to find specific services & resources for your needs.
  • Operation Safe Escape – Safe Escape is a non-profit who assists victims of DV, stalking & harassment.
  • RAINN – Assists victims of sexual violence, stalking and has resources and safety planning available.
  • SafeHorizon – Harassment & Stalking & DV victim resources, including a hotline.
  • SPARC – Resources and guidance for victims of stalking and victim service providers.
  • Victim Resource Center – Helps connect people with referrals for victims of crime. There are victim resources available and you can talk/chat with someone to get advice from a victim’s advocate.
  • Domestic Shelters Organization – Shelter and Safe House search, there are local resources for many states.

Image Based Abuse, Non-Consensual Pornography (NCP)

Non-Profit Research

  • Charity Navigator – Understand where your dollars are going when you donate to a non-profit.
  • IRS Tax Exempt Search – Want to find a non-profit that’s registered, this is the search tool.


  • Coalition Against Stalkerware – If you suspect there is stalkerware on or a spyware on your device, there is an excellent guide on this site.

Sex Worker Resources

  • SWOP Behind BarsThe Community Support Hotline (CSL) is a centralized toll-free hotline that can be accessed by anyone in North America for assistance with safety planning, networking and accessing resources.
  • Hacking Hustling – A collective of sex workers, survivors, and accomplices working at the intersection of tech and social justice to interrupt violence facilitated by technology.
  • Survivors Against Sesta – Good resources & links to additional articles, laws, orgs & people to follow in the sex worker spaces
  • Sex Workers Outreach Project – Rights, Not Rescue. SWOP is a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.
  • Sex Workers ProjectA national organization that defends the human rights of sex workers by destigmatizing and decriminalizing people in the sex trades through free legal services, education, research, and policy advocacy. 
  • PDX Sex Workers Resource Project – Aims to support people in the sex trades by providing harm reduction supplies and supports specific to the work.